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Pet Survival Kits

Cat Emergency Kit

MRP: $69.99
Our Price:$49.95

Product Description:

Our "Grab & Go" Pet Emergency Kits allow you to be ready in an instant if you need to evacuate with your pets. During Hurricane Katrina, we witnessed that most people were not prepared for relocating their pets before the disaster struck. Our kits include 5-year shelf life* water and food, a complete pet first aid kit and many more items you will find essential in an emergency or evacuation.

Kit Contents:

  • 8 Emergency Drinking Water Pouches 4.225oz.**
  • 2 Cat Emergency Pet Food Ration**
  • 2 Pet Travel Folding Bowls
  • 1 Emergency Mylar Blanket
  • 1 12-Hour Green Lightstick**
  • 1 Metal Whistle w/ Lanyard
  • 1 3-in-1 Can Opener
  • 1 Nylon Rope 1/8" x 50'
  • 1 Cat Collar
  • 1 48" Metal Chain Leash
  • 1 Cat Toy
  • 15 Pet Waste Bags
  • 1 Content Card
  • 1 Packaged in a Heavy Duty Mini Duffle Bag

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