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Survival Kits (1 person)

1-Person ''Cooler Bag'' Emergency Kit

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Our Price:$44.95

Product Description:

Our 1-Person "Cooler-Bag" Preparedness Kit is perfect for on the go! It includes our Dynamo Squeeze Flashlight that never needs batteries. Every disaster kit we sell contains a minimum of 3 days' worth of food and water (the same supplies used by disaster relief agencies). Anything perishable has a 5-year shelf life from the date of manufacture- 4X longer than average supermarket supplies. What's more, we'll keep track of the remaining life of your supplies and alert you when it's time to replenish perishable items.



Kit Contents:

  • 1 3600-Calorie Emergency Food Bars 3 Days @ 1200 cal./Day, 5-Year Shelf Life*
  • 12 Emergency Drinking Water Pouches 3 Days @16.9 oz./Day, 5-Year Shelf Life*
  • 1 Dynamo Flashlight Squeeze powered and never needs batteries!
  • 1 Emergency Mylar Blanket Designed to reflect 90% of your body heat
  • 1 Green Light Stick 12 hours of light in an instant*
  • 1 Emergency Poncho w/ Hood Protect yourself from the rain
  • 1 Safety Whistle Blow loud for immediate rescue attention
  • 1 Dust Mask Prevents dust and germ inhalation
  • 1 Tissue Pack Help maintain sanitary conditions
  • 1 34-Piece PremiumFirst Aid Kit Comprehensive first aid kit packaged in a hard plastic case*
  • 1 Out-of-State Contact Card Keep track of loved ones and important numbers
  • 1 Packaged in a Large Red Cooler Bag w/ Handle

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