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First-aid Kit: The 10 Most Important Things You Need

First-aid Kit: The 10 Most Important Things You Need

First-aid kits have long been used in emergency situations from war-time to football fields. Even though most of them are equipped with numerous life-saving items, there are a handful of core items that each kit should have. Let’s run through them.

  1. Tweezers - these are often overlooked but when dealing with smaller wounds or having to remove debris they are a lifesaver.
  2. Antibiotic Ointment - there’s really no getting around it. Cuts and scrapes are breeding grounds for bacteria and there’s not much in the line of defense against them. Carrying antibiotic ointment in your first-aid kit is a definite must.
  3. Band-aids - another tradition item you might see in every first-aid kit and there’s a reason why. Be sure to get them in different sizes to effectively address the wound in question
  4. ACE Bandage - an ACE bandage can be used for many things. You can use it to help support a splint, put pressure on a wound, make a sling among many other uses. Having a roll in your first-aid kit is very important and be sure to not cut it and reuse it after washing it thoroughly.
  5. Ibuprofen - with most injuries there will be pain and discomfort. Having a pain reliever around will keep that at bay allowing the patient to be comfortable and ultimately more effective for the team’s survival.
  6. Antiseptic towelettes - Once you get a wound, it’s important to clean it as best as possible before dressing it.
  7. Scissors - If you don’t already have a survival knife, scissors will come in handy when having to remove clothing in order to address the wound. Also, cutting up fabric to make rope or a sling will be easier too.
  8. Gauze pads - these help treat larger wounds and burns opposed to the band-aids which are usually meant to treat smaller wounds. Use these in conjunction with adhesive tape or an ACE bandage and you’re in better shape than you were before.
  9. Adhesive tape - you’re going to need to keep that gauze in place and there are tons of other uses for tape. Make sure it’s in your kit.
  10. Electrolyte Tablets - during illness or excessive sweating you’re going to lose a lot of minerals. Use these to replenish them.

So, I’m sure by now you’re wondering where certain items are on this list. Even though we could go on and on with a gigantic list of everything you should have in a first-aid kit, we opted to list a handful of important things we feel you should have included in your kit. The rest of the items you add are up to you.

Think we’re missing something important? Share your suggestions below.

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