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Emergency Preparedness: 10 Basic Things You Need To Be Prepared

Emergency Preparedness: 10 Basic Things You Need To Be Prepared

Emergency preparedness is something that’s been thrown around a lot. With the advent of Doomsday Preppers making its way to mainstream television and all the recent disaster movies like San Andreas and Independence Day: Ressurgence it’s difficult not to think about what could happen in the case of a real emergency or disaster.

There are many different types of disasters that have plagued mankind since the dawn of time and others that have recently made their way into the public eye. If we look back throughout history, we can read stories of earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes that ravage civilizations and sometimes even wipe them from existence. Nowadays, some of the more worrisome disastrous situations include nuclear winter and communication blackouts.

Despite the emergency, there are a handful of essentials things you need to be prepared. We’re going to list the top 10 that we believe you will need in any disaster.

  1. An emergency preparedness bag

There are lots of things that can go in an emergency preparedness bag. However, the bag itself is vital in keeping everything you need organized, transportable and available at the drop of a hat. One key feature you want in a bag is that it’s durable. You might be carrying this around for a while and the last thing you need is for it to fall apart on you. Oftentimes, you’ll find yourself stuffing everything but the kitchen sink into these packs but that’s a mistake. You really only need a handful of things to survive.

  1. A Source of Water

Don’t expect to carry around a 10 gallon jug of water with you at all times. Not only is that virtually impossible, it’s also VERY inefficient. We recommend having some water ready at hand like a couple of 12 oz bottles or better yet, a reusable container that you can keep and boil water in. In addition to that, consider having purification tablets if you run into a situation where you need to disinfect water and don’t have a way to boil it. Having water when you need it is one of the most important things you’ll need to keep yourself from dehydration and fatigue.

  1. A Knife

If you’re going to have one tool in your emergency preparedness kit, it needs to be a knife. Knives are the most versatile tool as they can provide safety, a means for food, creating other tools and aiding in creating fires to name a few.

  1. First Aid

Depending on the disaster, you may need medical care. If not immediately, you will probably need it at some point and time. And even if you don’t, someone from your family might. Even though you might be able to find first aid items in the wild, the time and knowledge needed usually doesn’t bode well for the patient needing assistance. Being able to address a medical situation quickly and efficiently could make all the difference in surviving and not.

  1. Flashlight

Having sufficient lighting is a necessity in emergency situations. When the sun goes down and electricity is not available, you’re going to need some source of light to navigate your surrounding area. It may just be a matter needing a little light to dig through your emergency preparedness bag or signaling for help. With all the benefits there are to having a flashlight in hand, it’s crucial that you have one in an emergency situation.

  1. Food

Water takes precedence over food but as the survival rule of 3 states, you can only survive about 3 days without food. Be sure to pack some food bars or better yet, some emergency survival meal packs that can prolong your survival. Ration them accordingly and be prepared to scavenge and hunt for your meals before tearing open your emergency food. Once they’re gone, it’s up to you to find your next meal.

  1. Multitool

Multitools are amazing little creations. Depending on which one you get, they can have 10, 20 or even 30 different tools on them. In an emergency situation, you could need pliers, a screwdriver, a saw, a can opener or any one of the other possible tools that come with an multitool. It’s arguable that the multitool is more important than a knife considering many of them have knives built into them.

  1. Hand Crank Radio

If the cell towers are out or your phone is dead, the best way to find out what exactly is going on is a hand crank radio. It’s advisable that you get a NOAA weather radio as suggested by Oftentimes, these radios will have built-in flashlights and USB charging ports.

  1. Local Map & Compass

This is one that most people will forget. If you have to stray away from a familiar area into unknown parts of your city or state, a local map is crucial. Without the GPS on your phone working you’ll have to figure out how to navigate the terrain manually. And if you’re stuck in a place that’s far away from civilization, a map will help you find the nearest road which will help you get back to safety.

  1. Solar Charger

Eventually, your flashlight will run out of battery power. If the cell towers aren’t completely down, your phone will be eventually. In both these cases, a means to charge any electrical devices you have is important. A hand crank power supply takes a lot of work to generate a little bit of power. That’s energy that you need to conserve to survive. Having a solar charger strapped to your backpack can power up your devices while you walk, sit or sleep. They can be pricey but most certainly worth the investment when you need it.

Everything we mentioned in the above list can help you survive in a disaster. Although, the range of items you can carry in your emergency preparedness backpack can extend past what we’ve listed, we feel this list is a great starting point.

What do you think we’re missing? Share your suggestions below.

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